Our capable team at eOpen Solutions can provide services remotely anywhere in Canada, and our people are spread from one end of the country to the other. We know about Canadian businesses and want to help you.

We’ve chosen to be a green workplace by enabling our team to work remotely – and that’s what technology can do for you! If you need on-site services, we have individuals working out of Moncton (New Brunswick), Amherst (Nova Scotia) and the Whitehorse area (Yukon). Otherwise, we will connect with you using the technology of your choice – email, phone and/or video calls.

Business Experience

eOpen Solutions began as a small company that fixed computers in Amherst, Nova Scotia. We also sold computer hardware in a retail location.But due to working in a small-town area that serviced a larger regional population, we quickly developed expertise in a wide range of digital technologies. As our business grew, eOpen began to focus on the needs of other commercial businesses rather than retail customers.

Since 2001, eOpen Solutions has been serving government departments/corporations and businesses. Since then, our experience in a variety of areas has grown exponentially including working with the military in both Canada and overseas. Our work has also included providing effective solutions for municipalities in all aspects of their business and industry. In addition, we have been working with First Nations communities for the last 18 years.

Solutions Provider

eOpen Solutions operates as a solutions provider. We consider all facets of your organization’s operations and goals, so that the most economical, prudent and compliant procedures are deployed. eOpen Solutions identifies needs and gaps within an organization’s operations allowing us to resolve challenges.
The complexities of I.T. systems requires the services of a solution provider who can liaise with other digital companies on your behalf. eOpen Solutions brings your organization the ability to develop customized solutions by bringing together your staff, our team members and other providers.

Team Members

Our CEO David Mosley is supported by a dedicated team of professionals with a human touch. As a group of I.T. specialists, we take a generalist approach to problem solving and can provide with expertise that your own staff may not possess. By building strong relationships with our clients, you can trust that we are a team of experienced and responsive I.T. experts who want to support your staff in doing their best possible work for you.

At eOpen, we have over 60 years combined experience assisting retail businesses such as grocery, pharmacy, convenience, specialty and general retail. We also partner with other I.T. companies in order to access even more expertise to serve you better!