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Retail Consulting
We can assist you in running a more profitable business than you already have.
We have over 60 years combined experience assisting retail businesses such as Grocery, Pharmacy, Convenience, Specialty & General Retail.
Project Management:
  • Software & hardware roll-outs.
  • Implement gift card program roll-outs.
  • Implement new program roll-outs for the stores or at head office.
  • Design web based storage for access to secure company documents.
  • Develop online reporting tools to assist head office analyze store POS data.
  • Custom email capture program roll-out to allow us to send newsletters to customers.
  • Design tools to analyze POS data when functionality not available within the POS software.
  • Design tools to facilitate stock transfers between stores to maximize profits on items that are slow movers.
“Our job is to make the best out of the existing hardware, software & systems in place”

Management & Staffing:
  • Sourcing Managers and Employees.
  • Develop Salary / Compensation program.
  • Ultilizng a scorecard to better understand the degree of comprehension / retention.
  • Designing Management and Staffing requirements – building operationalsStrengths.
“#1 Rule – Retail is Detail     /     #2 Rule – Profit is not a dirty word     /     #3 Rule – Refer to Rule #1”

Inventory, Procurement, Merchandising:
  • Inside vendor program development.
  • Leveraging your distribution network.
  • Budgeting sales and developing growth.
  • Cost management programs & practices.
  • Vendor management – Getting what you deserve.
  • DSD Programs – Maximizing the sales opportunity.
  • Advertising and merchandising programs that work.
  • Streamline the product ordering process utilizing sales history.
  • Identify items that should be warehoused to maximize profitability.
  • Identify products not selling before they expire or must be discounted.
  • Reduce unnecessary capital tied up in stores by analyzing inventory, wastage / shrinkage.
  • Utilize POS software to perform cycle counts, year-end counts, while the store is open or closed depending on the software.
“Our mission is to streamline your business & to leverage programs, assets & areas most organizations never get to”

  • Maximizing your flyer sales coverage.
  • Promotions that drive sales and profitability.
  • Demographic reporting – Use it as your advantage.
  • Who are your customers? Communication with them at all levels on a regular basis.
“We will always be conscious of our responsibility & accountability to customers, colleagues, suppliers & the retail community. We will strive to achieve & exceed the quality & desired outcome of any task taken on”

Sales, Reporting, Accounting:
  • When to reinvest and when to get out.
  • Maximizing sales within your four walls.
  • Proven sales generation polices and procedures.
  • Simplify & standardize reporting for owners and managers.
  • Develop pricing strategies in competitive areas and situations.
  • Indepth profitability stragaties – What works – What doesn’t.
  • Establishing a strategic position for a wholesale or Independent Banner.
  • On going store analysis with Owners / Managers on top and bottom selling Items.
  • Year end inventory and value analysis reporting to determine how the store(s) has performed compared to previous years.
  • Understand accounting processes and it’s reporting & the integration between finance & inventory control.
  • Analyzing promotions to identify if it was a success and how the product sales differed in different locations.
“Our job is to assist retail customers to become more successful by providing guidance through industry proven processes & procedures, allowing you to become a more successful & profitable retailer”

I.T Management, Training, Operating Procedures:
  • Manage IT infrastructure at Store / Head office level.
  • Build standardized processes & procedures for the stores to follow.
  • Front and back end POS software installation management and usage.
  • Training Managers and Owners on budgeting, expenses, and store goals.
  • Troubleshoot IT issues remotely and onsite for the networks and systems.
  • Research new products for roll-outs and standardization throughout the chain.
  • Follow thorough with procedures created on reporting, spoilage, expiry issues etc.
  • Facilitate training seminars on site, remotely or in group sessions, for Store Owners, Managers, and Staff.
  • Train Managers how to best use the POS system and what reports and numbers to focus on to remain profitable.
“We bridge, streamline & build solutions for the Corporate entity to create more value for Owners & the Franchisees”