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Work Flow / Enterprise Content Management


Eopen provides Work Flow & Enterprise Content Management services for all size of businesses with one office or one department or multiple offices with multiple departments. This will allow you to COMMUNICATE / COLLABORATE / CONNECT from ANYWHERE.
Using Metadata (Keywords) and security permissions for all documents allows your team to work efficiently & securely. You will be able to tell who is working on which documents / projects, who has documents assigned to them, when they were last updated, how many documents people have assigned to them, the status of all the documents under one or more projects.
No longer will you need to remember where you placed you’re documents. You will be able to search for them based on content, project name, person assigned and many other ways. What this means is no duplication, if one document is related to 3 different projects, there will not be 3 documents the same, just one, attached to 3 projects using keywords.
Along with this comes the ability to automate business processes such as contract approvals & invoicing allowing you to stay productive and ensure compliance.

Asset Tracking

Knowing what you have allows you to manage it, measure it and put a cost to it. Asset tracking systems allow you the means to locate physical objects, collect data on its usage and whereabouts, and report on all activity. The system enables businesses of any size to effectively track a collection of assets from when the items are purchased or received, until they are shipped or disposed.

I.T Projects

Eopen provides experienced project management advisory services and technology consulting expertise to executives and IT leadership for organizations of all sizes. Due to our depth of knowledge and skill in technology and project management, we will increase organizational efficiency and ensure your organization continues to grow.
Our comprehensive knowledge through all aspects of technology enables us to recommend and implement solutions that will best fit the needs of our clients.

Project Planning

Eopen has the experience to work in collaboration with the client and key stakeholders to plan every facet of the project from inception to completion.
Eopen will clearly define the objectives and scope of our projects producing a detailed plan for execution, monitoring, and control through all delivery stages.

  Types of Projects we Manage!

Networks & Server Rollouts, Firewalls & Security

We have designed and built Municipal, large and small business hybrid networks and Servers services. No business is too small, as each of your needs are equally important in maintaining your business continuity.
With Networks comes the Security and Protection which we take very seriously, we combine this with your backup needs that are the best in the market place. We strive to give you a business continuity plan that protects you and keeps you compliant, and most of all we keep your business running.


Critical Infrastructure, Enterprise & Wireless Solutions

Besides the Networks and Security projects we here at EOPEN have been providing services over the years in Vendor Management from bringing the various Service Providers and Vendors to the table and sorting out the best solutions for our clients, and seeing the process though to the finish.

We have been involved in accounting integrations, Point of Sale roll outs, Document, Content and Facility Management, we have expertise in developing Standard Operating Procedures and even tools in the Economic Development Field. At the Critical Infrastructure level, we have installed and managed on premise, cloud based and virtual servers. We have been involved with EMO, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) Implementations.
We are doing self healing networks and Unified Communications which integrates none critical Phones into the network for cost savings and more functionality.
We have also designed then over saw the installation of Municipality Dedicated Fiber, 911 & other critical alerts over copper for added redundancy. We have managed Police & Municipal Dispatching with GPS and Digital Radio & Voice Recording and provided Security awareness training for our clients.
We have also implemented most of these services over many forms of Indoor and Outdoor wireless networks

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