At eOpen Solutions, we provide a variety of client services from managed I.T. services to building websites and creating social media to offering grant consultations to helping with databases to assisting with event management. We also can support your business by working with you on energy systems and efficiency.

We can do a lot of great things for our clients! The team members at eOpen Solutions are especially keen to learn about your goals so we can help you to meet them. By working together, we can bring our expertise to your organization. Keep reading to learn more about our services!

Managed I.T. Services

Our eOpen Solutions team is dedicated to making sure our clients can operate their businesses and access their data at all times. To achieve this goal, we take a strategic approach to ensuring business continuity by developing both hardware and software back-up systems which protect your business operations. Once in place, we offer training to your staff to help you understand and manage your own tools.
To offer efficient and affordable solutions, we believe it’s our job to make the best out of the existing hardware, software and other technical systems already in place. Using the expertise of our team members, we review your existing infrastructure in order to make recommendations and design appropriate solutions.
In our work, protecting client data is a primary consideration. To achieve this goal, we are capable of building and managing servers as well as the security that surrounds them. We have been involved in moving and managing significant amounts of data to the cloud by aligning with cloud content management offerings that scale to meet any client need. These online services comply with both Canadian privacy laws and health content laws protecting data in Canada.
A specific area of expertise at eOpenSolutions is our ability to deal with inventory control as well as point of sale and accounting. By working closely with clients such as retail and grocery businesses that require such services, we have developed vast experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities offered by the careful integration of I.T. solutions into these areas. We aim to assist our retail customers to become more successful by providing guidance through industry-proven processes and procedures, allowing each one to become a more successful and profitable retailer.

Managed Services

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Websites & Social Media

At eOpen Solutions, we know how important your website is to your business. Our experience has taught us that great websites require great design, careful planning and most of all, a clear understanding of everything our clients need their website to do. Many of our clients choose to use a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress or Drupal to enable quick and easy website updates.
With this work, we have helped organizations that deliver large amounts of data by standardizing their departmental processes so that they can bring the content more easily and efficiently to their audience. We have also integrated into content management systems so that libraries of data can be updated by simply dropping the documents into the desired folders. We have built online databases which allow interaction from various entry points – from public, from private invite only and from secure environments. We aim to manage website content and social media content in harmony so that the end user gets the full experience of information flow while pointing everything back to the website where all the data is managed.
In addition to website design and development, eOpen Solutions offers social media strategy and support. We believe that most businesses need assistance with these tools and have experience with offering strategic planning, training for your staff and even taking care of your social media channels for you!

A recent example of an eOpen website can be found here, the home of the Atlantic Policy Congress of the First Nations Chiefs Secretariat.

Grant Consultation Process

In Canada, there are many opportunities for funding that can be accessed in order to help grow your organization. The eOpen Solutions team possesses an understanding of how to research and create grants and proposals. By helping you to write up your ideal project, it may be possible to gain funds which could mean your organization reaches its goals more quickly!
Funders we might approach would include those at the federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. By working with someone who understands the funding landscape, your business will save valuable time and may be able to get support you need. We use a partnership model to develop your organization’s strategic approach to creating applications and can even train your staff to learn how to do this important work.


Our work at eOpen Solutions includes the development of databases for our clients. We can help design and set up online reporting databases; these are a valuable asset to companies allowing them to be able to securely view their own proprietary data from anywhere in the world. Our team members have the expertise to plan, develop and test databases as well as the ability to train your staff to use these tracking and decision-making tools as needed.
We also create and support inventory databases. By storing your information online, it allows you to access and add to that information from anywhere you may be. It also permits your entire team to have access at the same time to manipulate or report on the data you are using to operate your business safely and securely. We aim to make your business more productive every day!

Event Management

In the ever-changing world of technology, eOpen Solutions continues to develop its expertise. We have begun to provide event management services with back-end technology support. With deep skills in both technology and project management, we can help your organization deliver exciting events in-person, online or both!
Our eOpen Solutions team can be responsible for coordinating all of the moving parts involved in ensuring events go smoothly, including choosing venues, catering services and hiring performers. We will plan and coordinate all the details before the event and handle day-of logistics. Using a clear workflow system, we can collaborate with your staff on event logistics in a way that brings together the people and the technology.
The event management services can include everything from planning the event to registering attendees to branding materials to creating customized digital marketing. We can even help you choose the right virtual platform, find and book speakers, manage your delegates and coordinate the actual event. Everything we do with you will be supported by the right technology tools so that you’ll be able to instantly access the information you need to understand how your event is going!

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Energy Systems & Efficacy

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Energy Systems and Emission Reduction Efficacy

Recent carbon levy changes to environmental law in Canada has brought confusion to many energy-consuming enterprises wanting to reduce their CO2 emission levels. The imperative is to understand how emissions are identified, quantified, mitigated, and reduced. eOpen Solutions and its team have the requisite knowledge of how to help its clientele reduce emissions.

Energy managing and optimization is an iterative inventory process that is controlled by the consumer of energy. The eOpen Solutions team includes specialists who support energy analyses activities – energy source inputs and outputs. Our goal is in first measuring and then reducing energy waste, and third, defining the feasibility of potential improvements.

Likely is the result of having an internal financing source to capitalize operational improvements, emit less, and not waste energy more efficiently. eOpen Solutions is dedicated to the principle of doing those things, or setting targets for those things to be done, that will achieve a desired effect.